Mercedes presents its new A-Class: an unprecedented luxury

Mercedes presents its new A-Class, a grandiose expression of luxury, showing a sporty and muscular look. Able to transmit power and dynamism already at the first glance of the front. The new wheel design with dimensions of up to 19 inches also underlines the sporty character of the car.

The rear diffuser and LED rear lights as standard ensure a charming and eye-catching look, both day and night. The new A-Class also offers a new choice of exterior paint finishes: solid / metallic and MANUFAKTUR.

The interior of the car

High technology and sustainability characterize the cockpit of the new A-Class. The exclusivity is also reflected inside the car, where the strong point is the standard independent double screen, with a 7-inch display and a larger 10.25-inch display in the center of the cockpit. As an option, Mercedes also offers two 10.25-inch displays with a wide-screen look.

The environment is very bright and comfortable, the three round turbine-shaped air vents, typical of Mercedes, are a tribute to the world of aviation. The revised steering wheel of the current generation is made of nappa leather as standard: compact, it matches the high-tech character of the redesigned center console.

It is high level of interior customization: High-quality comfort seats with new 3D embossed ARTICO upholstery. The Progressive trim level offers three different interior colors: black, beige and the new sage gray. The AMG Line is designed for performance, like every model in the AMG range, and features bright brushed aluminum finishes and contrasting red stitching in the ARTICO / MICROCUT seats.

The standard equipment of the new Mercedes A-Class

Deep upgrade in this area: many elements included as standard, including the reversing camera, the USB package and the nappa leather steering wheel. Starting with the Progressive trim level, customers can also count on LED headlights, seat with lumbar support, parking package and mirror package.

The manufacturer has again simplified the logic of offering equipment packages, to reduce the long selection of many individual options. It has thus grouped many of the functional features that are often ordered together in equipment packages that follow what they typically are customer tastes. On the design options, including paint, upholstery, trim and wheels, customers can continue to configure their vehicles individually as before.

Technology on board

The latest generation of MBUX it is intuitive to use and able to learn. The driver display and center display create a holistic and aesthetic experience and can be customized as desired. The central display offers all the above functions, such as navigation and media, and can be used directly and conveniently as a touchscreen.

Telematics has been revised and stands out for the new design and the best performances. Another novelty is the integration of a fingerprint sensor for driver identification and authorization. With the activation of the online services of the Mercedes me App, the voice assistant Hey Mercedes of the new A-Class is now even more capable of talking and learning. The new A-Class has also been updated in terms of safety assistance, with a new driver assistance package.

Class A engines

The engine range has been electrified, as we had already seen in the current version. Includes four-cylinder units with 7 or 8-speed DCT automatic transmission as standard. All petrol versions are now mild hybrids with a 10 kW 48 volt system. The 136 bhp A 180 1.3 Turbo, the 163 bhp A 200 1.3 Turbo, the 190 bhp A 220 4Matic 2.0 and the 224 bhp A 250 4Matic 2.0 Turbo will be available on the list.

As for the diesel variants, there will still be the A 180d, A 200d and A 220d with the two-liter engine of 116, 150 and 190 horsepower. The new A-Class also features innovative plug-in hybrid units: Mercedes-Benz A 250 and Hatchback, Mercedes-Benz A 250 and Sedan. The high-voltage battery has been improved again, so that the higher usable energy content leads to an increase in electric range. The power of the electric motor has been increased by 5 kW and now reaches an output of 80 kW. Three options are available for charging: the standard 3.7 kW, AC charging and up to 11 kW, instead of just 7.4 kW as previously. The new A-Class also continues to offer the option of charging the battery with direct current up to 22 kW. The car can go from 10% to 80% charge in just 25 minutes. We await the list prices of the new version of Class A for 2023.

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