Merciless aggressor, scenes from ‘A Clockwork Orange’

The 21-year-old remains in prison accused of sexual assault on two French tourists aged 18 and 17. The prosecutor fears the repetition of the crime: “Without mercy, real scenes from A Clockwork Orange”

A 21-year-old from Bari is said to be responsible for the sexual violence against two French tourists aged 17 and 18 which took place two days ago in Bari. The young man, arrested a few hours after the rape, is now in prison.

According to the prosecutor Desirèe Digeronimo who is dealing with the case, the 21-year-old committed the crime with “particularly violent and unscrupulous ways” apparently inspired by the famous movie “A Clockwork Orange”.

The young man, in fact, lured the two girls on the street and then took them near his apartment. At that point he would have kidnapped, beaten and threatened them, then forcing them to suffer sexual violence.

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Once you have left the attacker’s home, the two girls alerted 118 which activated the so-called “pink track”, the preferential lane for women victims of violence.

The tourists then told their version of events to the police, providing a detailed description of the boy who had lured and raped them.

The 21-year-old was arrested a few hours after the incident and subjected to questioning. The investigating judge validated the arrest and ordered the detention in prison, underlining a real danger of repetition of the crimes.

“The young man – he reported – showed a contemptuous attitude and completely indifferent to pleas of the two victims.

His actions are proof of a marked criminal capacity. “He will have to answer for the accusations of double aggravated sexual violence, injuries, kidnapping and resistance to a public official.

According to the two victims, the 21-year-old would have offered them an invitation to dinner to spend the evening with friends.

Once inside the house, he would then ask them to take pictures and make an erotic video.

The two, barely of age, refused and at that point the attacker beat them violently, forcing them to shoot the hard video.

During the repeated violence, one of the two young women was able to call her father in France, asking him for help. At that point, the 21-year-old let them go but subtracting 90 euros and the cell phone of one of the victims.

In tears and with torn clothes, the girls called 911 and were taken to the hospital.

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