Messenger and Instagram with joint group chat!

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has announced a number of important news regarding group talks. Now it will be possible to participate in them, regardless of whether we use Messenger or Instagram.

Transferring messages between two applications

Last year we learned that Facebook introduced the ability to send messages between two of its applications – Messenger and Instagram. I must admit that this is a really convenient option, after all, it allows you to contact friends who, for example, only use Messenger, while we only use Insta.

In the latest update, the functionality mentioned above has been extended. Now also available for group chats. Of course, the solution is available after prior consent of the user, although this should not be an obstacle. As we can read in the official blog post, over 70% of eligible users have already chosen to activate this feature in private chats.

Facebook Messenger Instagram
(photo: Facebook)

As part of group chats in various applications, we still have options for personalization – e.g. themes or custom reactions. Polls have also been added to assist the group in making decisions. We will use them in both messengers.

Watching together without leaving home and new themes

In the post, Facebook also mentioned the Watch Together feature, which appeared in selected regions last year. We remind you that it allows you to watch videos with your friend. It is about content that has been shared on Facebook Watch.

The company promises that Watch Together will be supplemented with more original content, which is intended to increase the attractiveness of watching movies together. Additionally, a new episode of Cardi B Tries Latin American Food has been launched as part of Latin American Heritage Month.

Facebook Messenger
New themes (photo: Facebook)

Moreover, with the latest update, collaborative viewing can be started directly from the Instagram home screen. Just start a video chat, scroll to the content you want to share, and then click the share button.

Another novelty should appeal to people who like to personalize chat windows. Three themes have been added – Cottagecore, Mercury, as well as a chat theme inspired by the Balvin album cover. Ultimately, it will be possible to set them up in Messenger and Instagram.

It is worth noting that the presented novelties are being implemented gradually. Therefore, some users have to be patient and wait a little longer.

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