Messi and Inter Miami’s Asian craze

Gradually, U.S. soccer begins to return to normalcy Waiting for the new season to start. Most MLS teams already plan to return to work Including training and a series of friendly matches They are used to start carbureting to get to the start of the course In the best possible way.

really, Of all the announced schedules, one of the most attractive has to be that of Inter Miami. franchise Florida will pass Riyadh, Hong Kong and Tokyo, before finishing Home game against Newell’s Old Boys, in a great game Especially for the great star Leo Messi.

While he was passing through Saudi territory, Messi will once again face, who knows if for the last time, another great legend considered among the football players of this generation: Cristiano Ronaldo. add up between them Thirteen Golden Globe Awards, a number This shows the importance of this game on a traditional level.

Messi, in the face of widespread madness

In addition to everything related to sports preparation and performance, Inter Miami’s activities in the Asian continent follow a clear commercial strategy. If already, Leo Messi has huge appeal anywhere in the world, what wake up Messi is a real passion in Asia. Whether it is Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong or Japan, Argentina You should be prepared to cause a huge stir just by announcing your presence.

Thanks for this happening beforeMessi knows that he must be prepared to be “escorted” by thousands of fans day and night. Argentines are surrounded by people at airports, hotels, buses, and even stadiums. A wave of people shouted, getting as close to him as possible.

“Inter Miami must leave its mark here”

Sports portal MLS multiplex Try to contact him Manager of Leo Messi’s Arabic “Fan Account”, who explained how The Messi phenomenon and the MLS phenomenon are experienced from a faraway countrybut in terms of passion and fanaticism for Leo and football in general, it’s pretty close.

“If I see people watching MLS games, most of them will be watching Inter Miami games Or their next competitor.Often times, jet lag “This is not an obstacle to appreciating Messi in this new phase.” Maher Khubrani, the man behind the scenes said “Arabic Miami International” account.

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