Messi loses patience and is furious with Barcelona president

Argentine star would be bothered by Joan Laporta’s statements about a possible return to Barcelona

A few months have passed since you left barcelona, Lionel Messi continues to be a subject in the Catalan club since the president Joan Laporta continues to quote Argentine star during interviews. And that has bothered shirt 30 of PSG

According to information from the newspaper AtO player is not comfortable with the fact that the agent continues to talk about him almost a year after his departure.

In addition to him, Jorge Messi, his father, would also be tired of Laporta quoting Messi to try to justify an alleged crisis at the Catalan club and would have even called the president to ask him to stop talking about his son at press conferences.

According to journalist Manu Carreño, from Cadena SER radio, Messi and his family are fed up with Laporta “to the head”.

“Messi’s father says: ‘There is no interview in which my son is not mentioned. And it’s not to praise him, but to say that he left Barcelona for the money that PSG gave him’,” Carreño told As.

Messi left Camp Nou in August 2021 after failing to renew his contract with Barça after 21 years. With the shirt of the Catalan team, Messi was the top scorer (672 goals), with the highest number of games (778), highest number of wins (542), greater number of titles (35) and the highest number of goals in international competitions (128).

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