Messi surprises, does not quote Ronaldinho and reveals who is the best dribbler in the world

One of the great players of this generation and for many, the best in history, Lionel Messi is known for his genius both in setting up plays and in finishing them, being offensively regarded as one of the greatest geniuses in football.

However, with regard to plasticity and dribbling, the Argentine is not the best, even for exercising a much more objective style of play and with a lot of exchange of passes. The Argentine himself is not on the list of top dribblers in the world and has even revealed who is the best in the matter in his opinion.

Messi doesn’t consider Ronaldinho the best dribbler in history

In an interview with LADbibleTV, Messi had no doubts when he chose the best dribbler in football today, choosing his teammate Neymar as the great highlight of the moment in the question:

“I would say one of the best dribblers is probably Neymar. He’s amazing. He has amazing dribbling technique, he’s fast and his mobility is amazing, so he’s amazing.”

What was surprising, however, was the fact that the Argentine did not mention Ronaldinho Gaúcho, his teammate and mentor during his time at Barcelona. The surprise is due to the fact that the question was not limited to current football, but the Argentine made a point of ‘pinching’ the interview he was talking about today.

Messi is 35 years old and this season, for PSG, he has three goals and an assist in three matches.

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