Messina, “the new goals of bariatric surgery against obesity”

Initiatives dedicated to the theme on 28 and 29 October

MESSINA – The new goals of bariatric surgery against obesity: this is the theme at the center of the two days between 28 and 29 October presented today at the headquarters of Todomodotv, media partner of the event organized by the Sicob Foundation – Italian Society of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases. The latter initiative promoted throughout Italy during the Day of Bariatric Surgerya, in the week between 23 and 29 October in numerous accredited centers on the peninsula. To present the event, introduced by the editor of Todomodotv Josè Villari, the professor Joseph Navarra (in the photo), head of the bariatric surgery center of excellence and director of the Uoc General Surgery oncology of the “Gaetano Martino” university hospital. With him, at the presentation, the designer, creator of the logo of the event, Mirella Melia. During the opening conference, a video made by Todomodo on barbaric surgery with evidence of pre and post surgery obesity from various parts of Sicily.

The program

It begins on October 28, at 9 am, with an appointment in Hall F 5th floor meeting room of the Polyclinic with the professionals of the multidisciplinary team and patients awaiting intervention. In that session we will discuss the path that the obese patient must follow to reach the intervention also by listening to the testimonies of patients who have already been operated on. On the afternoon of the 28th, at 5 pm, a new appointment is scheduled at the Albatros Foundation, viale Giostra, next to the “Antonello” Institute, where a cooking show will be held. On the occasion, the nutritionist Martina Buda will talk about the importance of a healthy diet and then, together with the cook and some patients, dishes will be prepared. This moment will be presented and coordinated by Professor Antonella Sidoti, president of the Albatros Foundation, and by Josè Villari. Afterwards there will be refreshments.

The appointment will end at 8 pm and around 50 people will be present, including 30 patients. On the 29th the location moves at 9 to the Baby Park for a walk with professionals and patients. In case of adverse weather conditions the motor activity will be carried out in a gym. The event is reserved for professionals of the multidisciplinary team, patients and anyone who wants to know more about the role of surgery in the treatment of morbid obesity.

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