Meta showed innovative gloves and … was accused of copying the patent

Reality Labs Research belonging to Meta, presented haptic glovesthat will let you feel the objects you touch virtual reality. In this way, the company wants to deepen the immersion of VR contacts in their great project, which is creating a metaverse. In front of Mark Zuckerberg’s company faces quite a challenge as they have to overcome several technological barriers. First of all, such gloves, along with the entire apparatus, are uncomfortably heavy and generate too much heat. The finish line is moving towards using softer and lighter materials.

The gloves themselves will work with pneumatic actuatorswhich use compressed gas to create force. There will also be electroactive polymers and a microfluidic chip.

“To enable this experience and bring touch to the metaverse, the team is developing tactile gloves: comfortable and customizable gloves that recreate a range of feel in the virtual world, including textures, pressure and vibration,” explains Meta.

New invention of Meta HaptX, which also deals with technology development, became interested touch gloves. The company representatives say that Meta unlawfully copied their patented device design. HaptX has released an official statement saying that competition should be fair for this industry to flourish. The company announced that it was counting on a joint solution to the problem.


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