Metal Gear Solid 4 Has a Cut End (Definitely Chilling)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots represented the ideal ending to the Solid Snake saga, a game that fully embodies the spirit of the franchise.

Although on balance the real epilogue is the subsequent Metal Gear Solid 5, many fans consider the fourth chapter the ideal conclusion of the story born by Kojima.

Fans are very attached to the historical chapters, including the third episode (so much so that a recent image shows how the protagonists of Metal Gear Solid 3 have changed in 50 years  ).

While fans are hoping one day to finally return to play the role of Snake, via Reddit a very interesting curiosity has now emerged about the fourth chapter.

Warning: spoilers about the plot and characters of Metal Gear Solid 4 follow from now on. Continue at your own risk.

In fact, it seems that the Guns of the Patriots ending was originally supposed to be extremely different than what we got to see in the full game.

In the epilogue initially conceived, Snake and Otacon were in fact executed, an epilogue that would have closed the Solid saga in a decidedly crude way, framing everything as a really bad ending.

Once the idea was put aside, in 2007, Kojima would have preferred to include the ending that we could all admire, namely the long sequence of Old Snake and Big Boss at the cemetery.

Many believe that the musical track “Here’s To You” was about Snake and Otacon, given that the song tells of the dramatic sacrifice of Sacco and Vanzetti, the two historic Italian activists and anarchists.

During the heartbreaking final sequence, father and son meet one last time, for a scene that closes the circle in a truly touching way.

This is the finale that perfectly concludes the entire Metal Gear Solid series without affecting or ruining it in any way.

Recall that Hideo Kojima will return in 2021 with Death Stranding: The Director’s Cut, announced to the whole world just a few weeks ago.

But not only that: Metal Gear Solid will soon become a film too, so many that the director has recently revealed new details on the production.

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