Metallica arrives in São Paulo to celebrate 30 years of ‘Nothing Else Matters’

THE Metallica band, who will play a show on the 10th of May at the Morumbi Stadium, in São Paulo, will arrive with a good ephemeris to celebrate. It was 30 years ago that metal won one of its best songs, or ballads. If it can be considered something that would make bands like AC/DC, who never make songs like that, squirm, Nothing Else Matters became one of the biggest acts of a group of the genre. The song was re-recorded more than 90 times and even made Elton Johnfar from the metal universe by nature, consider this one of the best songs ever created in the world.

Nothing Else Matters was launched in 1992 in the Black Album and soon peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks ranking to skyrocket on other charts. Its reach was immediate, leading people who were never into metal to re-record it, such as the Singing Boys of Vienna, the pop star Miley Cyrus and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. In all, more than a thousand rewrites are estimated. James Hetfield, Metallica vocalist, creator of the melody, didn’t know he was doing something so powerful, as he said in a 2012 interview: “I thought, ‘Nothing is less Metallica than this, it’s the last song anyone will want to hear'””.

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