Metaverse, the visits to the Ischia meta-point – Il Golfo 24 are underway


The metaverse is increasingly in the spotlight and under the media spotlight. Which remains largely, for non-experts, a mysterious object, identified at most as a highly innovative technology, but distant and even alien. Yet, it is a reality, albeit virtual, already very present in everyone’s life and increasingly frequented due to its multiple and versatile applications and potential. In consideration of this, to open the door to the metaverse to those who are interested in learning and understanding more about it, the first metapoint in Italy was born in Ischia, conceived and organized by Discover Italia together with the companies participating in the Meta-Experience project, in the headquarters of Casamicciola, where with the appropriate viewers it is possible to have direct experience of this three-dimensional version of the Internet that is already revolutionizing our daily lives. The first to visit the Ischia metapoint were some representatives of institutions and productive categories who, at the invitation of Discover, were able to make a first contact with the metaverse and, suitably guided, become the protagonists of immersive experiences, which were pleasant and even fun. It was an opportunity to get to know and deepen the different possibilities of fruition and use of the metaverse and their concrete applicability in different contexts.

In the coming days, the metapoint will give the same opportunity to those who are interested in visiting it and exploring with their specially created avatars the different environments made available by Meta-Experience in which they will be able to move, communicate, interact with others, even strangers, play and share situations. «We wanted this first real experience of involving the public in immersive experiences to take place on Ischia, on an island, to make clear how this new technology offers a very wide range of opportunities regardless of physical distance, geographical location and limits of insularity – declared the CEO of Discover Italia, Anna Parlato – The metaverse is a formidable weapon to overcome the marginality of individuals and territories wherever and however it manifests itself and is experienced as such». A first testimony of this had arrived no later than a couple of months ago, on the occasion of the Champions League final on May 28, when a group of small patients from the Santobono hospital in Naples had the opportunity to experience the emotion live of the match, without being able to move from the hospital room, but as if they were living it inside the stadium, interacting and having fun with each other and with the players on the pitch. An experience promoted in collaboration with the Santobono Foundation, by Meta Experience, a brand created with other partner companies all from Campania by Discover Italia, which is already working on new, innovative initiatives for the dissemination and enhancement of metaverse technology in the social, cultural and tourist.

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