Method 10/10/10: what if it was the key to learning to put things into perspective and improve your mental health?

When a decision has to be made, it is easy to get lost in the maze of anxiety, for fear of making a mistake. But the American writer Suzy Welch offers a playful solution to be able to position yourself without worrying. Her name ? The law of 10/10/10.

Whether it’s a question of quitting your job, making a new start in a foreign country, initiating a breakup or changing paths… There are questions that are more complex than others that require intense thought before you can get started, or not. To facilitate this process and allow those who are going through it to limit their anxiety in the face of these various issues, a writer, Suzy Welch thought of a simple and effective approach: the law of 10/10/10.


The law of 10/10/10 in brief

The objective behind the 10/10/10 method is to initiate reflection on the impact that each decision can have in the life of the person who is about to make it. The question that must then be asked is: “How will this decision affect me in 10 minutes, in 10 months and in 10 years”? Obviously, no one has the ability to see the future, but this method allows you to put things into perspective by asking questions that will be able to enlighten your mind towards a truth with which you feel in harmony.

Learn to deal with negative thoughts

When it comes to making a decision, we often imagine the worst. And that’s what worries us! By focusing on negative thoughts, we end up living this moment of transition with difficulty or even sometimes not making a decision at all, for fear that it will be bad. Result ? We stay in a situation that doesn’t really suit us, telling ourselves that it’s better than a future without any control. To this specific problem, the psychologist Ana Gutiérrez Laso has a solution that she entrusts to the Vogue UK :

“Stop always imagining the worst: try to develop a more realistic way of thinking, where it’s not just negativity that tips the scales. Consider the situation objectively and evaluate the different possible scenarios. Don’t just consider the worst option, the one you fear the most. Don’t get sidetracked by your emotions and react automatically, without thinking.”

If this method does not provide you with the solution that suits you or if you are having difficulty getting started, do not hesitate to talk about it with a specialist, who will be able to listen to you and guide you towards a more suitable method.

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