Mexican Revolution Parade in CdMx TODAY November 20, 2023 LIVE

AMLO leads Mexican Revolution 113th anniversary parade

President Andres Manuel López Obrador will lead a parade in the capital Zocalo to commemorate the 113th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, with 2,084 troops from the Army, Air Force and National Guard (GN) taking part.

During the event, the Mexican team that participated in the Pan American Games held in Santiago, Chile, and where our country placed third in the medal standings, will be honored.

Previous versions had a heavy military presence, but after the devastation in Acapulco caused by hurricanes, Otispersonnel were deployed to assist affected residents.

A stage adaptation is also planned. The episode that sparked the revolutionary movement of 1910. It is hoped that the film will also receive recognition from women who participated in the armed struggle.

Meanwhile, the Mexico City government carried out security operations for the parade.

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