Mexicans dance to the rhythm of the October 6th earthquake and become a hot topic

outside "Puri"Mexicans received the shake with emotion Photo: Tiktok/@melizzitaa99
Mexicans on the outskirts of La Prix react emotionally to the earthquake Photo: Tiktok/@melizzitaa99

after the bell rings Earthquake warning The existence of a high-magnitude earthquake will be confirmed throughout Mexico City. 6.0 degrees, social networks began to be filled with photos and videos showing how that moment was experienced among Mexicans. Similarly, like the tradition, the internet was full of memes and jokes about it.

And the reaction of Mexicans to this kind of event is very tick tockOn social networks, which are becoming more popular by the day, a video appeared showing a group of young people outdoors and went viral within hours. CDMX club.

In the clip, already almost 38,000 likes With so much information being shared, you can see how before an earthquake, a large group of people start jumping and dancing with joy. And as you can see, it was a group of people who had been evacuated from a very popular club in the country’s capital.

The outskirts of “La Prix” caught the earthquake with dance and carelessness. Credit: TikTok/melizzitaa99

The bar in question is Puria nightclub located on República de Cuba Street, just around the corner from Bellas Artes, is frequented primarily by members of the community. LGBT+. There were other clubs on the same street, and participants gathered in collective euphoria. “Albu, Mexico had to be like that,” the legend says in the video, accompanied by text with a laughing emoji.

The person who uploaded the video had a great idea to set it to music with a famous song. Where did you feel the shaking? By Rigo Dominguez and his bold group.This funny clip was shared on the account tick tock from a user named Merijita a99wrote in the comments, “At least follow me,” after realizing that his videos were becoming famous.

Much has been said about how Mexicans deal with their fear of earthquakes, a natural disaster that has long existed in our country. Although some say we should take the situation seriously, we have learned to respond to adversity with humor.


The earthquake was felt in multiple parts of the country, including Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Chiapas. National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) reports in its report as follows: The federal civil protection authorities, Mexico City, and the states where infections were detected have developed corresponding action protocols and are conducting tours. ”

Just that night, a British band arctic monkeys It was announced at Foro Sol in Mexico City. The concert had already ended when the earthquake alarm sounded. There are several videos on the internet documenting how believers in the group led by Alex Turner experienced that moment.

Fortunately, the situation did not worsen and no one was injured. There were also no reports of people having nervous breakdowns. Something similar happened in Oaxaca, where the earthquake was felt a little more. Nathanael Canoa famous singer from Corridos Tumbados, was surprised by the earthquake warning.

Images of what happened show how the singer’s security guards ensured the singer’s safety as soon as they realized what was happening. At first, the audience was perplexed by the musicians’ actions. But after a few seconds they realized what was happening.

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