Mexico Sub 18 “poaches” attacker Francisco dos Reis from Brazil! “Delighted with my first call-up” – Fox Sports

brazilian striker Matthews Francisco dos Reisof Fluminenseis called concentration Mexico Under-18 TeamUnder the command of head coach Alex Diego, the team began preparations at the Mexican Football Federation’s venue, where they will play a preparation match against Toluca.

through your account InstagramCanarinho winger received his congratulations on the call-up to the Little Tricolor: “Glory to God, very happy that I have been selected for the Mexican national team for the first time,” wrote @matheusreis_07.

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Who is Matheus Francisco dos Reis selected for the Mexico Under-18 national team?

Matheus Francisco Dos Reis (Mexico City, April 2, 2007) yes son Elias du Reis, A former Brazilian player who played with Pumas Morelos but was unable to play in the first team; even, in an interview with Canarinho media sports balloons 2023, my own Francisco Dos Reis He explained that when he comes of age, his decision will be made with his father’s country.

“A lot of people asked me who I would choose to defend between Mexico and Brazil when I was 18; my father even asked me a lot of questions. I said, without a doubt, Brazil; without a second thought”.

In 2023, at the age of 16, he Fluminense play Copa Libertadores,Defeated Boca Juniors At Maracana, although he did not play; what is more, these words were spoken to the Brazilian midfielder during his friendly match against the Tricolore at the High Performance Center.

Apart from, Matthews Francisco dos Reis He already represented Brazil last year South American Under-17 Championshipthey went on to win the tournament and qualify for the Professional World Cup, although they were ultimately not considered for the tournament.

According to Brazilian media reports, his termination clause with “Flu” is about to expire. 50 million euros: “I never thought I would return to Mexico with the Brazilian team, so it is an honor to wear the Brazilian jersey when I return to my homeland”, another Francisco dos Reis to GE 2023.

Currently, through their social networks, He shared his happiness with postcards in TolucaAccompanied by family members and wearing tricolor practice uniforms.

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