Mexico’s military spending meets NATO standards

Increases in our country’s military spending and technological advances in security equipment are factors that bring Mexico closer to the standards required by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for its members.

These actions are consistent with the international organization’s military budget and equipment guidelines for new members to join.

The Defense Department’s 2024 budget increases by 131%, which represents 0.63% of Mexico’s GDP, while NATO requires an increase of at least 2%.

In the two decades since the early 2000s, successive U.S. administrations have tried to bring Mexico closer to NATO, but without success because members must meet the criteria for an allocation of at least 2%. The ratio of their product’s gross domestic product (GDP) to military spending; currently our country’s ratio is 0.63%, and Seidna has approved $14.824 billion in spending this year.

However, in an environment with high crime rates and an exponential increase in technological capabilities in the face of organized crime, the Mexican Armed Forces have also acquired security technology that meets international standards and is even shared with the military agencies of member states of NATO.

According to the 25th annual report of the Council of Europe, EL UNIVERSAL announced last week that the Spanish Ministry of Defense purchased 1,800 Mexican military helmets to support the Ukrainian government in its conflict with Russia. Conventional arms exports by member states of the organization.

According to the information obtained in this way, the purchase was made by a business consortium composed of the American company Galvion and the Mexican company Selitex, SA de CV, since these helmets comply with a series of requirements and military standards required by NATO. Can be used in joint operations or by member states.

The companies were authorized in 2021 to provide 32,495 ballistic helmets to the National Guard through the LA-036H00998-E40-2021 program.

Bidding documents show that the products purchased by the Mexican government have the same specifications as those purchased by the Ukrainian army.

The military supplies were transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the Spanish Ministry of Defense as part of a foreign trade operation carried out in 2022, the year when Russia began its attacks on Ukraine.

The 25th annual report of the European Council, the EU’s top decision-making body, stated that Spain authorized a transport license for ML 13 category military materials originating in Mexico, which corresponds to helmets manufactured in accordance with military standards. Standard components and accessories designed specifically for this device. The license is for a total of 1,800 vehicles and is worth €508.

Currently, NATO has 31 member states, only two of which belong to the United States: the United States and Canada; the rest are in continental Europe.

NATO’s official website states that the organization’s purpose is to protect the freedom and security of member states through political and military means.

It emphasizes promoting democratic values ​​and allows member states to consult and cooperate on defense and security-related issues in order to resolve problems, build trust and avoid conflicts in the long term.

However, when diplomatic efforts do not bear fruit, the military takes crisis management action.

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