MG 5 or Nissan Sentra: Which is better? Why?

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no doubt, car continue to be most popular cars Filmed in the city, so if this year 2024 you are looking economical choicebut well equipped, it might be time to look at these options Nissan and MG.

taking into account popularity MG 5 and Nissan Sentratoday in from zero to 100we took on the task of reviewing the most prominent features of each to ultimately know which one is the best.

If you want to know our verdict, we invite you to read on.

MG 5 and Nissan Sentra: Which car is better?

It is worth mentioning that both models are carbut, that MG 5 2024 retains a more classic design while 2024 Nissan Sentra It stands out for its more adventurous and sporty appearance.

MG Motor

As far as he is concerned, MG 5 2024 It has a 1.5L engine and can reach up to 113 horsepower and 111 ft-lbs torque. These features are available in all versions.

in the case of 2024 Nissan Sentrawe found one with more strengthbecause its 2.0L engine enables it to reach 145 horsepower and 145 ft-lbs same as him MGall versions Nissan They have this motorization.


We share the most outstanding features indoor equipment of MG 5 2024:

  • Faux fur clothing
  • Driver’s seat manually adjustable (4/6 positions)
  • Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel
  • air conditioner digital
  • Color touch screen up to 10.1 inches

As for 2024 Nissan Sentrathe following are the functions of its internal devices:

Nissan Mexico
  • Dual zone manual/automatic air conditioning
  • Heated front seats
  • Audio system with up to 6 speakers
  • Steering wheel with paddle shifters
  • Electric front windows, one-touch opening and closing

For safety reasons, MG 5keep the basic functions: anti-lock braking system, brake assist, airbag (6), rear door child safety lock ISOFIX interfaceanti-theft alarm and so on.

MG Motor

Nissan’s budget sedans also include equipment interesting Active and passive safety:

  • Anti-theft alarms and immobilizers
  • airbag
  • remind seat belt front and rear
  • True Point Alert
  • light intensity change system

Finally we can find that MG 5 2024 This is a pretty affordable vehicle to buy From MXN 289,900 enter the version for it, and The most fully equipped version is approximately MXN 347,900.

MG Motor

for him Sentra 2024 Entry price starts From MXN 395,900while the upper limit may cost Up to MXN 539,900.

While both models do fit the bill, MG 5 2024 It is more aimed at drivers who have a smaller budget but are looking for an elegant looking car.

Nissan Mexico

on the other hand, 2024 Nissan Sentraideal for those interested in driving a vehicle with game-changing looks and better equipment, even if it means a higher cost.

And you, which one are you? car Will you choose this in 2024?

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