Mi Ami is still the festival of beautiful music (and also of female artists)

He’s back and he did it in great style, no doubt about it. He did not focus on mega-famous Italians, as perhaps he had done in the immediately preceding editions, even if there were many known names. To the delight of indie music lovers (if it still makes sense to use that term) this past weekend it was the weekend of the Mi Ami Festival at the Magnolia club. Indeed of the “Beautiful music in Milan and kisses”as the claim states.

Three days and lots of live shows divided between four stages, which can be reached in less than five minutes. Problems therefore of not possessing the gift of ubiquity, just as if you were at any Primavera Sound in Barcelona. So: these were the problems. Want (a lot) to hang out, chat, drink beers and watch what are – in the end – the most promising names on the Italian scene.

On Friday at Mi Ami there were Giorgio Poi and Venerus, on stage Dr. Martens. Almost mainstream names, although their gender is not, accompanied by a large audience. But then there were also Marco Fracasia (name on which 42 Records points), difficult to classify and very interesting between songwriting and psychedelic rock, Alda, Galley, Nicolaj Serjotti.

There was Derianski, with a decidedly unconventional show curated by his TeamCro (crew of rappers, graphic designers and videomakers from Parma) where electronics, techno and rap merge. The crazy and surreal fun of Pop X (obviously already a name for years), della Garage Gang and of Hello Mimmi.

All the spontaneity and strength of the most interesting collectives of the moment like i Thru Collectedfrom Campania, and the evening after i BNKR44, from Empoli. Whole Love Gang (or almost) on stage to close on Saturday night.

A timeless glory like Alan Sorrenti (which – let’s face it – years ago probably would not have been considered in the line-up of a cool festival) and very famous names (pre and post Sanremo) such as The List Representative And The welfare state. Others who are establishing themselves abroad like Nu Genea And I’m a dog.

And then there were many female artists at Mi Ami, which, let’s face it, is absolutely not the rule. So much so that Primavera Sound (just to go back there) had to specifically study the pink quote line-up in 2019. From the expected return of a first-rate artist like MEG to interesting artists like Lil Jolie And It is LP (directly from the latest edition of X Factor). And then: Camilla Magli, BigMama, Elasi, Claudym, Hån. It was really nice to read all these names on the schedule, even more so to see them in action.

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