Mia Khalifa Unleashes Passions in Front of the Mirror With Strips and Lace

Capturing her sweeping curves with a selfie from her bedroom, the famous former Lebanese actress became a trend when she was seen dressed in a strappy and lace gown

With one of her publications, the famous former Lebanese actress, Mia Khalifa became a trend when she was seen through her social networks dressed in a strappy dress and black lace in the front of the mirror, which unleashed an intense heatwave in her more than 24 million fans thanks to the mind-blowing view of his pronounced attributes.

It is well known that the successful webcam model has become one of the most popular influencers in the world of the web, due to the immense fame that she managed to gain when she dedicated herself to the adult entertainment industry, with which she obtained a great number of accolades throughout her career as an actress.

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However, the beautiful internet celebrity retired a couple of years later to focus squarely on his career as a full-time sportscaster and social media star, where he has been exceptionally prominent primarily on the Tik Tok and Instagram platforms. , with the help of its fun and attractive publications that continue to attract the attention of millions of Internet users.

On this occasion, Khalifa was encouraged to post a provocative image to pamper his followers through his personal account on the camera’s social network, in which he can be seen taking a selfie in front of the mirror while wearing a flirty pose that helped highlight her stunning curves.

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The young 28-year-old businesswoman modeled a revealing black outfit, which consisted of a small lace bralette with a crossover neckline and a mini skirt with a slight opening on one side. To accompany this outfit, Mia decided to wear a particular matching headband that had a pair of cat ears and a white shawl that she wore at the elbows.

As expected, the beautiful model born in Lebanon did not leave the description of her publication blank and preferred to fill it with a funny message in which she wrote “My hair is currently unwashed, but here’s banked selfie apropos of nothing”, which could be translated into Spanish as “Currently I have unwashed hair, but here I have a selfie saved for no reason”

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