Miami Supercops 8th Street Cops / On Rete 4 the film with Spencer and Hill

Miami Supercops 8th Street Cops, a Rete 4 film directed by Bruno Corbucci

Miami Supercops 8th Street Cops will be broadcast today, Saturday 30 April, from 9:25 pm on Rete 4. This film made its debut in Italian cinemas in 1985 and belongs to the detective and comedy genres.

The director of this film is Bruno Corbucci who also wrote the screenplay in the company of Luciano Vincenzoni. Within the cast of the film there are several very famous actors in Italy such as Bud Spencer, Terrence Hill, Jackie Castellano, Buffy Dee, Richard Liberty, Harold Bergman and Luke Halpin. The music for this film was made by the musical duo La Bionda while the photography was curated by Silvano Ippoliti.

Miami Supercops 8th Street Cops, the plot of the film: two very close friends

In Miami Supercops 8th Street Cops Doug Bennet and Steve Forrest are two very close friends who have taken different paths now. They were once ward mates and worked for the FBI. However, Doug decided to stay in New York and continue working for the Bureau while Steve quit everything and moved to Tampa to open a helicopter pilot school. However, the two will have to team up again to ensure security within the country. Most notably, a dangerous thug named Joe Garret is released from prison and heads to Miami.

Joe has no positive intentions and wants to be the new boss. Doug and Steven have already dealt with Joe and they were the ones who managed to put him in the cell nine years ago. Now, however, the criminal is back and he also wants to recover the money from a robbery he made before going to prison in Detroit, so as to start off in a big way and form his new criminal empire. Will the pair of friends be able to stop the criminal? There will be blows of mind, but the super-cops will be able to stop all the thugs.

The video of the trailer “Miami Supercops 8th Street Cops”


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