Michael changed the game, Al Hilal made a stunning comeback at Al Itihad

In a spectacular match with 7 goals, Al Hilal saw a rival Al Ittihad Although they were ahead 3-1 on the scoreboard, they had an incredible reaction and went for a come-from-behind win even if it was face-to-face. 4 vs 3The 5th round this Friday (1st). saudi championship.

not yet counted Neymarthe injured Hilal score a very important result and take the leadership position in the domestic league. 13 point. Ouri Negro, on the other hand, lost 100% of his performance, dropping to second place, and he could even drop to third in the next case. Al Ahly Win the round.

In this classic match, Itihad started full force and took the lead after 16 minutes with a fatal slap from the Brazilian. Romarinho at the goalkeeper’s exit Bono.

But soon after, the matador Mitrovicarrived in Saudi Arabia with everything and made an equal for visitors.

However, the host team got back on their feet unfazed and got back on the front lines again with an excellent goal from their opponents. benzema: The Frenchman receives a low cross and scores a sensational backheel under the goalkeeper’s foot.

In addition, Moroccans Hamdara Another goal gave Ittihad a 3-1 advantage and looked like a great win for his side.

On the way home from the locker room, coach Jorge Jesus He made a substitution that changed the fate of the match. ○ Mr. took the handle Kanno And bring in the Brazilian striker Michael.

The ex-Flamenguista came out with an outrageous ‘smoke’ and completely changed the face of the match.

Mitrovic started the reaction, closing the score at 3-2. Shortly afterward, Michael put in a fine individual effort to take a penalty, but Mitrovic himself smashed it in to score. hat trick and tie it all together.

Ittihad was completely dumbfounded and al-Hilal took advantage. Milinkovic Savich,socks Al Dausari He touched the tip of his boot and landed in a stunning 4-3 comeback.

In the final minutes, Ourinegro went up for an equalizing goal but failed to stop Bono, frustrating the crowd.

With this, the blue team won a big victory and took the lead. saudi pro league.

Saudi Arabia ranking

  1. Al Hilal: 13 points

  2. Al Ittihad: 12 points

  3. Al Ahly: 12 points

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