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Study the history at school he would surely have been funnier if to teach it were the movie and the TV series written by Michael Hirst. In recent years, in fact, it screenwriter (originally intended for a academic career) gave birth to some of the most beautiful reconstructions of the past pass on the screen by representing facts really happened seasoned with a necessary pinch of imagination.

Vikings gave him the international fame And Vikings: Valhalla has not disregarded the expectations. Before, however, there were The Tudors, Elizabeth and also a collaboration with a Italian director.

Life of Michael Hirst

Michael Hirst was born on September 21, 1952 to Bradfordin the West Yorkshire English. After graduating from the Bradford Grammar School he throws himself into the academic adventure by attending the London School of Economicsthe University of Nottingham and the Trinity College, Oxford: his future in university setting therefore it now seems one certainty. However, the director Nicolas Roeg it happens on a short story written by Hirst and, after a while, she asks him to turn it into a script for one of his future filmgiving a sudden twist to the Michael’s career.

Her two daughtersMaude And Georgia Hirst – they are both actresses and appeared in the two most famous series of the father: The Tudors And Vikings.

The main works written by Michael Hirst in his career

The first five scripts come out of the pen of Michael Hirst they all belong to minor films made between end of the the eighties ei first courses Ninety. In the 1988in fact, they went out Wherever You Are from Krzysztof Zanussi And On the edge of deception from Nicholas Meyer; the 1990 it was instead the year of The house of fate from Pat O’Connor; in the 1991Finally, it supports a Simon Callow for The ballad of sad coffee it’s at István Szabó for Temptation of Venus.

After these first tests, the commitments with a finally arrived more feedback it’s a higher budget both in televisionboth al cinema as screenwriter, producer executive or Creator.

life of michael hirst

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life of michael hirst

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Checkmate, 1994

The first film is titled Snap Matto and is of Jim McBride which also participates in the film script with Michael Hirst. The film is based on novel from Arturo Pérez-Reverte The Flemish table and takes place in Barcelonawhere is it Juliaengaged in restoration of a Flemish table depicting a game of chessi, law on the work of art a written never noticed before. Investigating its meaning, he learns of a homocide occurred over half a millennium earlier: as the investigations continue, however, yours acquaintances they begin to die.

Elizabeth, 1998

Elizabethdirected in 1998 from Shekhar Kapurtells of the rise of Elizabeth I (played by Cate Blanchett) during the last years of the Queen Mary Tudor in the middle of XVI centurybetween conspiracies, intrigues And worry for the future of English kingdom.

The young Casanova, 2002

At the beginning 2000sMichael Hirst does his debut on television writing the subject of the film Giacomo Battiato The young Casanova released in 2002. The film tells the trip to Europe from Giovanni Casanova (Stefano Accorsi) and his love for Madame de Pompadourloved by Louis XV. Also in the cast is a very young girl Cristiana Capotondi And Thierry Lhermitte.

the main works written by michael hirst

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Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 2007

Almost ten years after their first job together, Michael Hirst And Shekhar Kapur give life to Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the sequel to the previous film signed by both. The work tells the English golden age and the clash between the Queen Elizabethon the throne for thirty years, e Philip II of Spainworried about a realm of religion now Protestant. Among the actors, once again Cate Blanchett And Jordi Mollà.

The Tudors – Court scandals, 2007-2010

Always fascinated by the world of monarchyfrom 2007 Michael Hirst writes all and thirty-nine episodes de The Tudors – Court scandals. As the title suggests, the TV series tells the reign of Henry VIII (at the head of England And Ireland until the 1547) and his complicated relationships with his children Edward VI, Maria I and Elizabeth I. Once again, the political intriguesthe religious events he secret loves they hold the counter and move the four Seasons. Today they are all available on Netflix come on Prime Video.

Vikings, 2013-2021

After three years of break from the last effort, Michael Hirst takes the pen back and writes Vikingsa historical series that aired from March 3, 2013 to the March 3, 2021. The episodes, set in the 9th centurytell the story of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), the Viking warrior intending to expand its territoryand other characters like the wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and thefriend Floki (Gustaf Skarskård).

February 25, 2022 Netflix released the first season of the sequel Vikings: Valhalla. Set a century after the first series, this one too got a excellent feedback of public.

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