Michael Jordan no longer talks to NBA legends


Michael Jordan no longer talks to NBA legends

Published on Jul 31, 2023 at 6:12 pm.

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan haven’t spoken to each other in over ten years. It is surprising when you look at the beautiful relationship that the two legends shared throughout their careers. But as usual, Sir Charles’s tongue was hanging a little too high and it didn’t help his airiness. Since then, the former 76ers, Suns and Rockets power forward has been trying to redeem himself, but nothing can be done.

Two legendary NBA stars, Michael Jordan And Charles Barkley, were once best friends if not best friends. Everything changed in March 2012 Sir charles then speaks on the radio wavesESPN And just twirls that MJ” doesn’t work well and she found herself surrounded by the wrong people bobcats, And if he was not mistaken, taking into account the results of the franchise, it was immediately renamed “Hornets”. Jordan Not Appreciated: i take it personally “He didn’t attend The Last Dance.

Barkley’s harsh words for Jordan

Today, barley He doesn’t regret his words because that’s what he meant, but admits to being in a disadvantageous position nonetheless: This is a really unfortunate situation for him and me. But I will do my work first. I can’t criticize other coaches and general managers and give him a chance because he’s my best friend. I cannot do that. What I said was, “Michael needs better people around him.” And I fear he will succeed. When you’re a star – he’s the biggest star I’ve ever seen – everyone around you will tell you what you want to hear. I didn’t think he had enough support in the front office to be successful. He announced this to an American sports journalist a few months back. Taylor Roux.

situation that is not going to get better

this Sunday evening, Charles Barkley also confirmed that despite the recent $3 billion sale of the Charlotte Hornets, relations between the two men have not improved: “ he has my number ” dropped it sir charlesOne who refuses to apologize for his words, though he holds out his hand in direction Jordan, But hey, nothing’s sure less than an apologyhis AirnessToday on the polemicist’s retort that his former best friend could become on the set of TNT.

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