Michael Sheen becomes an “non-profit actor”. He will return the money he earns and invest in social projects

Michael Sheen, one of the most recognizable British actors, known, among others, from “Frost / Nixon”, “Underworld”, “Tron: Legacy” and the series “Masters of Sex”, said that the money he earned would be given to the needy and invested in social projects . “I have essentially transformed into a social enterprise, an actor not for profit,” he said.

As the British broadcaster BBC reminds, in 2019 Michael Sheen has already made an extraordinary step. In the face of backing off preparations for the World Cup for the homeless in soccer, then held in Cardiff, Wales, after the money he had collected socially ran out, he decided to sell two of his homes (one in the US, one in the UK) to collect the missing budget two million pounds.

Now, Sheen has decided that the money he will earn from acting will be allocated to another social cause. – In fact, I have transformed into a social enterprise, into a not-for-profit actor – he told the British magazine “The Big Issue” associated with the foundation of the same name. He added that making a decision about it turned out to be “something liberating” for him, because at the same time he realized that thanks to his game “he would be able to put money into this or that and he would be able to earn it back”.

Recalling the situation from 2019, when he decided to sell houses in order to hold the World Cup for the Homeless, he stressed that he felt “fear and extreme stress” at the time. “But once I was on the other side, I found out that I could do something like that, if I keep earning money, it won’t ruin me,” he added.

Michael Sheen also said in an interview that the change began in 2013. Back then, in Port Talbot in his native Wales, he participated in a 72-hour performance of the Passion of Christ on the streets of the city. As he says, he then met many people involved in local social projects, including a group of people meeting once a week to take one sick child to bowling or to a movie. A few months later he found out that the group was not functioning because it was no longer able to raise money for activities. – Then I thought that I had to go back and live in Wales again – said Sheen for 20 years, playing incl. in Hollywood productions.

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