Michal Doleżal explains himself. It was about training

Almost all the best jumpers have been training in Nizhny Tagil since Thursday. Poles did not join until Friday. Trainer Michal Doleżal in an interview with skijumping.pl explains this decision.


Michal Doleżal

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Nizhny Tagil is hosting the inauguration of the Ski Jumping World Cup for the first time in history. The hill in Russia has been well prepared for a few days. Almost all the teams took advantage of this fact and arrived early to make their first jumps in the snow.

Unofficial training sessions took place on Thursday in Nizhny Tagil. All the leading players jumped – except for the Poles. The Biało-Czerwoni only showed their first jumps in the snow during official training on Friday. Why didn’t they want to use the extra day?

– We always traveled on Thursdays. There was already a lot of training and jumps. There is a different pressure in the official training, we didn’t need any earlier jumps – admitted Michal Doleżal in an interview with skijumping.pl.

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Only Kamil Stoch showed great jumps on Friday. The rest was below expectations. In qualifying, except for Stoch, all of them took places except the top “30”.

– Kamil did his job. The rest can do better, but this is the beginning of the season. I have already talked to everyone and I think that tomorrow should be better – assessed the trainer.

The first World Cup competition will take place on Saturday. Beginning at 4:00 p.m.

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