Michal Doleżal loses control over the staff? Adam Małysz took the floor

If someone thought today that the winter season 2021/22 in ski jumping has already started, and there were three weekends with the World Cup, he would rub his eyes with surprise when looking at the general classification.

There is no point in looking for any Pole in the first “10”. The honor of the Eagles is defended by the leader and veteran of the national team, Kamil Stoch, who was classified only on the 12th place. And further? It’s scary to look at! Piotr Żyła is 28th, and Dawid Kubacki – note – 36th. The achievements of the world champion in 2019 are 20 points in five individual competitions.

Wierchuszka of the Polish Ski Association is not tearing its garments yet, but the situation is getting more and more serious. Someone will say that this is just the beginning of the season, but on the other hand, there is very little time left until the Olympic Games in Beijing. The winter sports festival in the Chinese capital begins on February 4.

Hence the decision to choose the direction of the facility in Ramsau, in search of form, where our players often come out of a difficult position. Including Adam Małysz himself several times, who in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy indicates that the problem is almost diagnosed, but without 100% certainty.

– If the guys do lose the feeling … They don’t see it until they watch the video of the jump. We are going to the hill, they are supposed to eliminate the error, after the jump they say that it was ok, and again the recording shows something else. This is primarily the problem. You can’t do it for them, they have to do it on their own. 98 percent of the coaches assume that this is what it is about – says the director at PZN.

Haven’t you watched the Champions League? Look shortcuts!

Małysz admits that the coach of the national team, Michal Doleżal, who has to deal with the first such difficult situation, “is a bit broken”, as the Czech himself said in their talks.

It is speculated that the trainer may not be helped by his personality, because he is not as emphatic as his predecessor Stefan Horngacher, who now shines with the German team on the world hills.

– I already said in Ruka that more resolute talks are needed. Sometimes a bastard or a little more intense discussion can work wonders. We saw how it functioned in the times of Horngacher – Małysz admitted in the same interview. And although at first he did not want to refer to the words that Doleżal’s assistant, Grzegorz Sobczyk, was stamping his foot harder in the coaching staff, the dragged tongue somehow confirmed it.

– He’s definitely more assertive, but is he taking over? I have heard such an opinion too, I can say that much – diplomatically replied the most popular Polish jumper in history, now the right hand of President Apoloniusz Tajner.


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