Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini: two strangers on social media

The love story between the Swiss presenter Michelle Hunziker and the Sardinian doctor Giovanni Angiolini continues. This time the doctor plays at home, in Sardinia, paparazzi while kissing Michelle. One wonders why the lack of discretion publicly does not go hand in hand with that on social media.

Low profile seems to be in fashion in famous couples. In this case Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini I’m on repeat on the subject from Stefano De Martino and Belèn Rodriguez. Both couples, fresh from butterflies in their stomachs, no longer hide in public but on social media they pretend not to know each other at all. Then there are stories, but look at the case, made by both in the same place. An example? Just look at the last vacation together.

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Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini: convict was the dinghy and who inflated it

Despite the rapprochement with the ex-husband Eros Ramazzottiand participation in his latest video Loves with his daughter Aurora, Michelle is totally into Giovanni. In the previous weeks he had fulfilled his duties with the girls Sun and Celestial had with her ex-husband Tomaso Trussardi going with them on holiday in Romagna. Then she left with her friends for the Aeolian Islands.

Finally, last weekend, reached Giovanni in his native land: Sardinia. The first night was mainly with friends and with his brother. The following day, they wanted to take a rubber boat trip from Porto Rotondo to Mortorio but the rough sea stopped them. So they preferred to stay on a beach to pamper each other. The climax of the love momentum was immortalized by the weekly paparazzi Who from Alfonso Signorini. Angiolini is seen printing a kiss on Michelle’s left buttock.

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To the complaints of fans about his “disappearance” from social networks and the lack of sharing of what happens in his private life, Michelle replied:

I am used to sharing what I have elaborated, lived and metabolized so that it can help others not to commit the same mistakes as mine. Or convey something positive. Part of growing a woman is also taking the liberty of living things without having to justify yourself.

A very delicate way to say: if and when I do it, I will decide.

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