Mickey Rourke: what happens to the cult actor of 9 1/2 weeks

This Saturday, September 16, Mickey Rourke celebrates his 70th birthday. A true sex symbol in the 80s, the actor who was wildly successful in Hollywood has disappeared from the minds of a large number of spectators for several years. However, his productions are numerous.

It’s not easy every day being a sex symbol! Sure, you might think it’s easy to be Brad Pitt, but there are some problems to deal with. For example, some scammers do not hesitate to take your identity to scam your fans! But the most difficult test is growing old. The passage of time tends to be terribly cruel, and also with the stars.

Among the great sex symbols who have suffered from the passage of time, there is Mickey Rourke. In 1986, the public discovered the actor in the film 9 1/2 weeks, an erotic thriller, before which a large number of spectators saw their jaws drop, in particular because of certain scenes, which have become cult. Unfortunately Mickey Rourke did not remain a fantasy for long: his career in boxing damaged his face, which he tried to repair using cosmetic surgery, in vain. And his career took a hit, too.

From the Oscars to the B series

In 2005, Mickey Rourke found his way to success by joining the cast of Sin City with Bruce Willis. But it was in 2008 that the actor seemed to be definitively back with his role in The Wrestlerwhich allowed him to obtain an Oscar nomination for best actor. A return to the forefront which allows him to play a series of roles. Particularly within action cinema, joining Sylvester Stallone’s troupe for Expendables: Special Unitand the Marvel universe with his role as Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2.

Today his career is focused around action B series, in which Mickey Rourke plays guns and fists for the pleasure of moviegoers who love guts and hemoglobin. However, in 2023, the actor joins the cast of Roman Polanski’s new film, The Palace, in which he opposite Fanny Ardant. A return to auteur cinema, which could mark a new change in Mickey Rourke’s career. A future new success, which will perhaps also allow him to find love again. Because since 2015 and his separation from Anastassija Makarenjo, the actor has been a former sex symbol to conquer!

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