Microsoft and Activision, Jim Ryan went to Brussels to speak with the antitrust –

According to a report, last month Jim Ryan went in person a Brussels in order to discuss with theantitrust and express Sony’s concerns about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

As reported a few hours ago, the investigation into the acquisition in Europe has begun and there are precise deadlines, set in this case at theNovember 8so that the regulatory body can conclude the checks and move on to the next stage of the verification.

The fact that the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment felt the need to take a plane e go in person in Brussels to address the issue says a lot about the Japanese firm’s determination to stop the operation.

We know well, as Ryan has stated it openly, that the crux of the matter lies in the possible exclusivity of Call of Duty, this although Phil Spencer has guaranteed another three years of stay for the franchise on PlayStation after the termination of the current agreements.

In any case, we are now in the final stages of this phase and it is possible that by the end of the year it will become clear what the outcome of the operation will be.

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