Microsoft confirms the reduction of DRM for Xbox Series X | S and One games –

Microsoft confirmed the update applied to the Xbox software that reduces the DRM system for the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One gamesallowing titles to be launched offline for those already owned by users.

The issue of improving DRM management on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One had already been raised in the past few hours by youtuber Hikikomori Media, who had noticed a reduction in system controls on disc games, but was also later confirmed by Eden Marie, Xbox software engineer who is always very active on Twitter, responded to the question by reporting that there were indeed updates.

“Yes, this has been true since update 2206 [2208, ha corretto successivamente Marie ndR]. We have looked at the data since the launch of the Xbox Series X | S and determined that the compatibility check is not necessary in the vast majority of cases for Xbox One discs, “Microsoft Engineer Lead explained.” Some games may still need to be updated online after installation for a better experience. “

Basically, with the latest updates applied, there will no longer be a need for validation checks when starting Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One games, allowing the use of disc games even offline without control, after the first initial installation check. This is a step in the direction of a streamlining of the Xbox DRM system that has been criticized previously, being quite invasive.

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