Microsoft Flight Simulator finally with DX12 support … but not what you expected …

The update to Microsoft Flight Simulator has just caught the hands of all players around the world. Marked as Game of the Year, it introduces several novelties and improvements. However, we are most interested in DirectX 12, which in theory is to guarantee better support for multi-core processors. And as we know, Flight Simulator does not perform very well on weaker processors. Has anything changed? Unfortunately we have bad news.

DirectX 12 is a breakthrough technology for many. In theory was to guarantee the appropriate use of multi-core processors from both Intel and AMD. In practice, it does not always work out as we expected, because players only want one thing – an increase in frames per second and a more stable operation on the frametime chart. In the past, there were already productions that, oddly enough, worked worse on DX12 than on DX11, but we could not expect it from Microsoft Flight Simulator. Yes, the first performance tests have already appeared on Youtube, which are not too optimistic.

Microsoft Flight Simulator finally with DX12 support. Unfortunately, the low-level API causes stability problems, so it’s worth checking how it works on your hardware first.

In the video above, we can observe some disturbing things. First of all – and this is what the vast majority of players look at – smaller, or in the best cases comparable performance, when viewed through the prism of frames per second. It would seem that DX12 support will solve the problem on Intel’s six-core unit, but it is not. We do not know if the CPU that supports multithreading – HyperThreading or SMT would behave in the same way in the case of AMD, so be vigilant and wait for the next tests. The most shocking thing, however, is frametime. If you look at the graphs, in the case of DX12 the frame time is not constant and it varies depending on … and we don’t know that. We don’t know how to explain this behavior, but obviously the implementation of DirectX 12 for this game did not bring the intended results. In contrast, Frametime in DX11 is stable. There is no or very little stuttering in sight, and as everyone knows, this is the worst enemy of any game’s stable performance.

Well … it should be said – oops. Let’s just hope the developers deal with this problem quickly and in Microsoft Flight Simulator, we will finally get the promised support for DX12 – a real one. Meanwhile, the Game of the Year update brings new routes and planes, and a full description of the changes can be found at this link. Are you playing? Have you purchased the full version or are you using Game Pass? Write in the comments.

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