Microsoft introduces new emoji in Windows 11 November Update

These images, which are available now, were initially released as part of November Update 22000.346. New emotions are slightly different than the previous generationbecause they are devoid of thicker frames and resemble more pictures that can be found on mobile devices.

It is worth adding that Microsoft is on the way he also restored the cheeky version of Mr. Paperclip. The company also plans to release updated emojis also in its other applications, such as Teams or Outlook, so they can be used in the entire Microsoft ecosystem. To use emoji within Windows, just press the key combination Windows + period and you will immediately gain access to the emoji menu.

Photo: Microsoft

The rest of the material under the podcast window Technically speaking:

When it comes to emoji, Facebook Messenger also got a search bar for these images. What’s more, there is also a new chat theme for fans of the Space Match movie. Another new feature of Messenger in terms of emojis is a new feature that is simply sound emotes. Touching them is supposed to start the audio. The novelty was called Soundmoji.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the Tech Awards 2021 plebiscite is underway, in which you choose the best smartphones, TVs, games and other new technologies. There are special prizes for voting!

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