Microsoft is doing its best to discourage users from installing Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a leader when it comes to the user base and it cannot be denied it, despite the disadvantages it has, such as a considerable demand for device resources. Microsoft Edge wants to threaten the rival web browser, but despite the various steps taken by the manufacturer, many people still use Chrome. The giant from Redmond decided to more specifically fight for the attention of the audience.

Microsoft Edge displays messages that are intrusive and funny at the same time. As Neowin reveals, Microsoft, wanting to discourage Windows 10 and Windows 11 users from installing Chrome, displays notifications when we go to the Google browser download page. He informs in them, among others that Microsoft Edge is based on the same engine as the competitor, but has additional trust from Microsoft. We can also read that Chrome comes from 2008 and the newer tool is Edge, as well as that the browser of the Redmond giant is the best solution for making purchases on the web. These are just examples, while there will be more messages.

Microsoft shows messages discouraging users from installing Google Chrome and choosing Edge.

Microsoft is doing its best to discourage users from installing Google Chrome

Some of them are funny, but most of them are rather annoying and show that Microsoft is doing whatever it can to encourage users to opt out of installing Chrome in favor of Edge. But is such a promotional campaign likely to bring the desired effect? It is worth recalling that three years ago the company tested methods of warning people against using competing web browsers, although the prompts have not yet seen the light of day. Even earlier, Microsoft decided to make it difficult to change the default program for browsing the web via Windows 11. We write about a specific case in a separate message, and the idea makes it difficult to change the browser to open links.

Microsoft is doing its best to discourage users from installing Google Chrome

Microsoft is doing its best to discourage users from installing Google Chrome

Meanwhile, Microsoft has prepared a “Buy Now, pay later” feature, which allows the customer to spread payments in installments thanks to the Zip, formerly known as Quadpay, which deals with lending. BNPL is available on selected e-commerce websites such as Target, Walmart. The availability of this solution on Edge caused controversy among Internet users, while some express concern about the implementation of a tool that slows down the operation of the application. Microsoft, however, stipulates that it does not charge money for using this service.

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