Microsoft is done with Xbox One consoles

Microsoft, initially, just before the premiere of the Xbox Series X, ceased production of the Xbox One X, as well as the Xbox One S. Sellers could therefore from the end of 2020, dispose of only stocks in warehouses. Now Cindy Walker, senior director of marketing for Xbox, has confirmed that to focus on producing the Xbox Series X / S, the company has stopped producing all Xbox One consoles.

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Confirmation of this state of affairs coincides with Bloomberg’s reports that Sony has plan to end PS4 production at the end of 2021. The company, however, confirmed that it is still producing PlayStation 4 and intends to release about a million copies this year. All this was possible despite problems with ensuring adequate supplies for both PlayStation 5 from Sony and Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

As for Microsoft, the company recently announced that it is expanding the availability of the walkie-talkie feature, which we will also see in the iPhone application. In turn, Windows 11 finally got a new sound slider. It has been refreshed and introduced in a new form to the last preview compilation of the system.

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