Microsoft says Chrome is old

Every time we run the Google page from Microsoft Edge, the search page offers us to install Chrome. It seems to be a very offensive practice, but the Redmond giant is also able to effectively cut off Google.

Microsoft is giving a shot to Google’s nose

Both Google and Microsoft have a long history of actively encouraging browser users to use their own software. It is rather natural – each wagtail praises its tail, so this type of “advertising” has become almost our everyday life.

This message appears in Microsoft Edge, when we use

Over the past few months, however, Microsoft seems to be encouraging Windows users to use the Edge browser more than before. For example, in Windows 11, the default browser switching process is not very default. If we would like to associate – let’s say – Chrome with certain types of files, the OS does not make it easy at all. This should change in one of the upcoming system updates.

We are also reminded of the “only right” browser, when we go to the Google Chrome download page from the Microsoft Edge browser. Some of the pop-ups then are quite a bullet towards Google. Because what should you think about the message that says about Chrome:

This browser is being torn from 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge.

(photo: Neowin)

Needless to say, these are quite strong words, considering that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have a lot in common. Although the content of the message is written in a humorous tone, it strongly suggests that Edge is a more modern browser than Chrome.

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Windows 11 logo

Not all of Microsoft’s games related to the promotion of its applications and services seem to be entirely fair. For example, competitors do not allow themselves to advertise their own services so strongly within the system.

I wonder to what extent the efforts of the Redmond giant are actually paying off. Currently, the undisputed leader in the browser market is Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is in the top three, but there is still a long way to go to an equal fight.

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