Microsoft surpasses Apple to become the world’s most valuable company

Microsoft became the world’s most valuable company on Thursday. Its rise on the stock market and the decline of Apple, the until recently undisputed leader, have been enough to put the company founded by Bill Gates and led by Satya Nadella firmly in the world with a total market capitalization of $2.875 billion. First. Its competitors are $2,871 billion. Microsoft has been closing the gap with Apple until it overtakes it, thanks in part to the success of its artificial intelligence efforts through OpenAI. In addition, other businesses have also achieved good development. Minutes later, however, Apple recovered and overtook Microsoft again. The two companies are almost evenly matched, at around $2.9 billion (€2.65 billion).

Apple, founded in 1976, and Microsoft, founded in 1975, have been historical rivals since their foundings by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak respectively. Apple accuses Microsoft of copying the drop-down menus and usability style of its computers. The computer world is divided between the two. Apple has lagged behind for a long time and has experienced serious crises. However, its stock price eventually surpassed Microsoft’s in 2010, following the return of Steve Jobs and the launch of the groundbreaking iPhone. It stays ahead almost non-stop. During the epidemic, Microsoft surpassed Apple several times, the last time in 2021, but the company led by Tim Cook quickly regained the first position.

Microsoft leads the generative artificial intelligence race with OpenAI. He benefited from an agreement with a company run by Sam Altman, whose board he joined as an observer. Microsoft is the majority shareholder in OpenAI’s commercial subsidiary, although its nonprofit structure complicates the group’s governance. Regardless, Microsoft has been integrating existing advances in artificial intelligence into its products and services, while also providing large-scale cloud computing services related to the new technology’s huge computing needs.

On the other hand, the weakness in Apple’s stock price comes after a series of analyst downgrades that raised concerns that sales of its most profitable product, the iPhone, will remain weak, especially in its main market of China. Apple also believes its services business is under threat from a trial over possible abuse of monopoly by Google, which could unravel its lucrative deal that would have prioritized Google as the default for its phones, tablets and computers. search engine.

Microsoft started the 2023/204 fiscal year with a brilliant quarter. Thanks to the growth of its cloud computing business, the company’s revenue and profits from July to September increased significantly compared with the same period last year, becoming a revenue growth driver. The technology company’s turnover increased by 13% to $56.517 billion (approximately 53.35 billion euros at current exchange rates). Profits rose 27% to a record $22.291 billion, exceeding analysts’ forecasts.

After Microsoft and Apple, the world’s second most valuable private company is also an American technology company. The third place is Google, with US$1.8 billion; followed by Amazon, with US$1.6 billion; microprocessor designer Nvidia is another big winner in the artificial intelligence competition, with US$1.35 billion.

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