Microsoft was about to acquire Capcom, at least so wants a rumor –

According to a new rumor, reported and confirmed by the insider Speshal Nick, about two years ago Microsoft He was about to to acquire the Japanese publisher Capcom, a deal then skipped for unspecified reasons. Speshal Nick, who touched on the subject in the latest episode of the XboxERA podcast, is considered a reliable insider, especially when it comes to internal Microsoft facts.

Unfortunately there aren’t any details in this regard, in the sense that the terms of the hypothetical deal have not been explained and it is not known why it did not go through. It is also not clear at what point any negotiations would have stalled. In fact, from the few things said by the insider, it is impossible to reconstruct what happened, as long as something really happened.

That said, that the Redmond house is interested in acquiring Japanese companies, or more simply in forging strong partnerships, is well known, given Phil Spencer’s recent trip to Japan, where he has established several important contacts.

On the specific case, it must be said that Microsoft has always had an excellent relationship with Capcom. Just think of the exclusive titles launched in the past on the Xbox platforms to realize this, such as Dead Rising 3, which was one of the Xbox One launch titles. This does not mean that the acquisition will take place in the future, but only that the two companies must be in close contact.

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