Microsoft will not make money in Germany. The federal state switches to open-source

More specifically, we are talking about state units in Schleswig-Holstein, a federal state in Germany. Its authorities intend to completely switch to open-source software.

Linux instead of Windows, LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office. Schleswig-Holstein goes open-source

I am in a hurry to explain: Schleswig-Holstein is a small federal state of Germany, inhabited by less than 3 million people, in which the most populous city is its capital – Kiel (approx. 250 thousand inhabitants). This is a small area, but with quite high ambitions in terms of the approach to software.

On all computers owned by government officials and teachers, Windows is to be replaced by GNU / Linux by the end of 2026. Similar changes will apply to any paid software that has its free open-source counterpart.

The country’s authorities announced that they are just developing open-source transition project in all administrative units (including schools). Due to the fact that the plan has been implemented for a long time – soon we can expect a complete abandonment of paid programs in favor of free ones. At the moment, the authorities have already given up Windows in favor of Linux, and the popular videoconferencing program – Zoom – has already been replaced by Jitzi.

Most employees already have experience working with open-source programs

According to Jan Philipp Albrecht, Minister of Digitization, many government employees in Schleswig-Holstein are already trained to work with open-source software, as they have been in use for a long time. It turns out that Microsoft Word is not irreplaceable – and the proof of it is LibreOffice, whose functionalities are completely sufficient for employees.

The plan that the authorities in Schleswig-Holstein are implementing is to show others that open-source software works well and can be used on a large scale.

Do you think that we will soon hear about other similar campaigns, or will it be a project that will not be copied willingly? Let me know in the comments.


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