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Weather: Mid-August, a first sentence for the Summer Festival puts several regions at risk; the reasons

Latest updates on temperatures and rainfall ahead of the highlight of the summer

Screenings for FerragostoThe first sentence has arrived with the updated forecasts for the Ferragosto party! Great atmospheric maneuvers are underway at the hemispheric level that will upset the weather right up to the Mediterranean basin right in the heart of the summer, causing many thunderstorms on different regions of our country.

Analyzing the general hemispheric picture it is evident that towards the middle of the month we will have one greater dynamism in Northern Europe, from where the more unstable and cool flows responsible for the waves of bad weather start. If this is confirmed we can expect it storm breaks which on several occasions could interrupt the peace and stability typical of this period.

The novelty that emerged from the last update concerns the northernmost part of our country; the anticyclone on these areas will be less granitic and will probably be pressed by wetter and cooler currents at high altitude arriving from the Atlantic and piloted by a depression centered on the British Isles.

Given the type of configuration, at greater risk than this storm raid would be the regions of North; attention, because given the strong contrasts expected between completely different air masses and the great potential energy involved (deriving from the very high temperatures of our seas) we do not exclude the possibility of extreme weather events (hailstorms, lightning floods, strong gusts of wind), as unfortunately also the recent news reminds us. In detail, the disturbance could reach, between the afternoon and the evening of Monday 15 August, at first the entire Alpine arc and then extend to the plains of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Different speech instead on the rest of Italy where the African anticyclone will expand more and more over the Mediterranean basin, supported by boiling masses of air arriving directly from the heart of the Sahara Desert. Even if this situation were to be confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a lot for the day of August 15th Sun with maximum peaks of temperatures that will quickly rise well over 36 ° C during the afternoon hours with peaks up to 39-40 ° C in the inland areas of the two Major Islands.

Given the temporal distance and modeling uncertainties, we invite you to follow our future updates for this phase which promises to be very eventful.

Mid-August: possible thunderstorms arriving on the northern regions Mid-August: possible thunderstorms arriving on the northern regions

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