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Weather: Mid-August, the trend has changed; from the new data, significant news emerges around August 15th

Latest updates on temperatures and rainfall in view of the highlight of the summer

Screenings for FerragostoWhat weather should we expect for Ferragosto? “In recent days, many of you have asked us for information on the weather conditions expected in the coming weeks, traditionally the highlight period for the holidays of many Italians; well, from the new data that has just arrived, relevant news emerges precisely around August 15th

Analyzing the general hemispheric picture it is clear that over the course of the weekend and for a good part of next week we will have one greater dynamism in Northern Europe, from where the more unstable and cool flows responsible for the waves of bad weather start. If this is confirmed we can expect it storm breaks that on several occasions could interrupt the peace and the heat, first in the North and then also part of the Central South.

Then, after a pause with a temporary comeback of the sub-tropical high pressure, here it is Mid-August could change everything again; the cause is to be found in the large depression area (cyclone) centered between the British Isles and Scandinavia which continues to drive new disturbed impulses towards the Mediterranean basin and Italy. Given the type of configuration that would be created at greater risk this time they would seem the Northern regions, where we do not exclude the possibility of strong thunderstorms accompanied by hailstorms.

But be careful, in the following days and therefore for a good part of the week of August 15th, the probability that the worsening may extend to part of the South Center. Given the temporal distance, a lot of caution is necessary, also in consideration of the fact that the trajectory of unstable currents could even take different paths, consequently overturning the forecast.

Mid-August: risk of storms in the NorthMid-August: risk of storms in the North

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