Middle finger to Brad Pitt or simple symbol? Angelina Jolie’s Mysterious Middle Finger Tattoo Has Aroused the U.S.

Angelina Jolie in the streets of New York on August 17, 2023. Raymond Hall/GC Images

The actress’ tattoo artist posted a photo of her blurred hands adorned with new drawings: enough to stir up social networks across the Atlantic and give rise to the craziest hypotheses.

Mr K, Matt Damon’s tattoo artist, an inter Lewis Hamilton or Michael J. Fox surely did not think that his post would unleash so much passion. He has indeed unveiled a teasing photo of the tattoo of a client like no other: Angelina Jolie.

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Of the actress, we only see the hands upside down, adorned with a few rings, and two new tattoos on the middle fingers. The latter being blurred by the artist who writes in the caption: “@angelinajolie I still can’t believe I held her hands and tattooed her! Guess what she has on her palm? In the comments, he explains that he photoshopped the photo to cover his drawing, which he will reveal soon.

Overwhelmed Emoji

However, some very quickly brought to her little riddle an answer that seems obvious to them: this new tattoo on the two middle fingers would be a message that the actress wants to send to her ex, Brad Pitt, to whom she still fights a fierce battle. for their divorce. “I mean: ‘the middle finger’”, followed by a smiley which bursts out laughing and evokes the famous finger of honor. A second writes it very clearly “F**ck you”; while others propose: “Die. Brad”; “Had a Brad Time / I had a Brad moment”, when a last evokes the film fight club by David Fincher, of which Brad Pitt is the star character. A user even alludes to the fact that Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for her (at the time of this separation, Angelina Jolie had been targeted by many critics). For her, the actress could have tattooed “Thief of men”, she quips.

In a pinned comment, the artist replies that his work for Angelina has “NOTHING to do with Brad Pitt”. In his stories, he adds a screenshot of press articles claiming the tattoo is a middle finger for Brad Pitt. All accompanied by an overwhelmed emoji.

Also in the comments, a woman responds several times to Internet users by explaining that she saw an unblurred photo and that it is a “sword or dagger that stops in the middle of her finger and then keep on going”. Another offers: “Kiss the sky” while a third suggests that she may have had the name of the company she recently launched, Atelier Jolie, tattooed.

End of suspense in a few days when the tattoo artist will reveal the unblurred photo… Unless the actress prefers to cast doubt.

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