Miguel Layun ‘admits’ America had ‘help’ from referees in final against Tigres

The latest title is USAin the past Opening in 2023tarnished by controversial eviction Raimundo Fulgencio.decision Adonai Escobedo This sparked opposing reactions among analysts and fans, with some arguing that the whistle was very strict, while others believed the move was in compliance with regulations.

under such circumstances, Miguel Layun, The player, who retired after winning the Las Aguilas crown, spoke about the topic in a chat with a YouTube user, Gold scorpion. The influencer brought up the subject by comparing it to what happens in Europe, where severe penalties are imposed when refereeing decisions occur in matches.

“In Europe, they even dropped to Juventus, “When has this ever happened to América?” said Golden Scorpion, who, to Layun’s surprise, confronted him and asked the former player if he knew that Kepa’s team never received help from referees. “You mean Team America” ​​did the referee do it? help? “

“Yes, Fulgencio’s face was not red, he did not hit Quinones in the face,” Layun replied sarcastically.When his interlocutor insists that the player tigers not given Julian Quinones, He recalls controversial foot stomp Rafael Carioca about Diego Valdes. “If I were an Americanist, would I be red or yellow?”

The Golden Scorpions pointed out that it was “orange” and laughed with the former Azukerema captain, who concluded the refereeing failure by saying “everyone has their own thing”.

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