Mikal Bridges Validates Austin Reeves’ Offensive Aggression

In a big week the 2023 World Cup will reveal its first secrets and we, on behalf of Team USA, are still getting to know each other. and in the first little game DatesMikal Bridges admits to being very influenced by Austin Reeves.

On the one hand, an all-purpose winger parachuted into the Brooklyn Nets franchise last winter. On the other hand, another very young player who was drafted by LeBron James with the Lakers and became one of the favorites of LA fans within a matter of months. at what cost Sacrifice, and an aggressive way of playing that is starting to prove itself. We’re talking about Team USA players Mikal Bridges and Austin Reeves, so here’s what the former player had to say about the latter, take the riddles out:

“The underdog doesn’t matter anymore, Austin is a real player. I became a fan of him… I think what I like best about him is his fault-finding ability. He really knows how to do it, he knows how to get to the throw line and that’s a real skill. This is not a simple fact and it is greatly underestimated. People don’t really realize, but those who know know that it is very difficult to defend a player like this. It’s all bullshit art”

Blow out the candles, bromance is in the air. too serious? So here’s another proof we should fear this American team, which is said to be fragile due to lack of experience but which brings together, let’s not forget, the brilliant basketball players who have been at each other’s side for some time. Weeks have become accustomed. From more defensive profiles (Kessler, Jackson) to future leaders (Edwards, Ingram, Brunson) to stars who, above all else, will be asked to do what they know best (Halliburton), Team USA is very well built Yes, as my mother used to say when she watched Mr. France’s election.

In short, all that can be said is that while we’re going to put Aiza Cordinier and Terry Tarpey on a mission to take on Austin Reeves… the Bee Gees won’t move an ear, but hey, we need our American friends to get a little lit. Gotta give a little, okay?

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