MikeShowSha’s channel has also been targeted by hackers: now it promotes Bitcoin

We are usually used to witnessing the tampering with the profiles of foreign influencers, but over the last few hours we have suffered a serious theft of the profile has been Federico Bettiknown on the web under the nickname MikeShowSha.

The YouTube channel of the influencer and streamer was in fact stolen by some attacker during the day today and, unfortunately, it has been modified to the point of becoming unrecognizable. Whoever took control of the channel has in fact removed any video and changed the online profile, and then uploaded a movie that exploits the face of Elon Musk for the purpose of a scam.

The video urges users to participate in a fundraiser and invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. At the moment the social channels of MikeShowSha have not been updated with a warning message from the influencer and we do not exclude that the story is so recent that not even the person concerned has seen what happened.

While waiting to learn more, we also invite you to discover the reasons why Zano XVII has temporarily stopped streaming on Twitch and probably will not accompany the launch of FIFA 23 with its usual direct on the purple platform.

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