Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made their comments on Ethereum

Just days after Spike Lee shot an ad for the bitomat network, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher published a video in which they talk about Ethereum.

The video was shot by phone and posted on Kutcher’s Twitter profile (@aplusk). Although he is far from the level presented by Spike Lee, an unexpected guest appeared in the recording of the acting couple.

Vitalik Buterin visited Kunis and Kutcher

At the beginning of the recording Ashton Kutcher he asks his wife simple questions to answer Mila Kunis responds in a way that should also be understandable to people unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. After asking for cryptocurrency definitions, blockchain and decentralization, a popular actor asks for a description of Ethereum.

At this point, it turns out that the couple is accompanied by the co-creator and face of the entire Ethereum project. Sitting at the table Vitalik Buterin provides an extensive answer, in which he refers, inter alia, to the fact that Ethereum allows you to create safe applications secured by the power of thousands of computers that make up the network. Additionally, it can be used not only to create cryptocurrencies and NFT, but also many other things.

At the end of the recording, the camera returns to Kutecher, who sums up Vitalik’s statement with the words: yes, it makes sense.

Unusual advertisement for the new NFT project

Admittedly, the way the acting couple chose to promote their cryptocurrency project is much simpler than how Spike Lee advertises new money. At the same time, the invitation to record Vitalik Buterin will certainly contribute to the increased interest of the NFT with cats that are expected to appear in the near future. The short film already has over 872,000 views. You will find a link to the entire recording HERE.

Mila Kunis cryptocurrency project

In the video posted on Twitter, Kutcher posted several hashtags, the most important of which is #StonerCats. Under this name, a new project is being advertised as the first NFT animated series. For more information on Stoner Cats, please visit, where for now there is a tens of seconds teaser and a short FAQ.

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