Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher saved the marriage! “He was acting like a …”

The couple got married five years ago in a private ceremony. The actors knew each other for 15 years, but did not get closer until three years before the wedding.

Unfortunately, they did not manage to avoid problems. At one point, routine crept into their relationship. People from the closest circle reveal what really happened behind closed doors.

“Mila was frustrated by the fact that Ashton put her career first. He didn’t help her with the housekeeping, with the kids. He only took care of himself and acted like an asshole,” says a friend of the couple.

“All he could do was stare at the TV for hours. Mila was fed up. She was furious and stressed out with the whole situation. She wanted to leave him.”

Two months ago, the couple decided to give each other another chance and benefited from psychological therapy.

The help of a specialist forced them to reflect on themselves and change their behavior.

“At one point, they were close to madness. Thanks to psychotherapy, the situation has normalized a bit, although Mila still has a problem with trust. Even though Ashton did not reveal her, she is still afraid of it” – adds the source.

It is worth recalling that Kutcher, being the husband of Demi Moore, was notoriously cheating on her. Kunis, however, is said to be faithful. The couple plans to celebrate the farewell of the crisis by renewing their marriage vows.

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