Mila Kunis at Ellen DeGeneres is nervous about child hygiene

Mila Kunis at Ellen DeGeneres is nervous about child hygiene

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Mila Kunis at Ellen DeGeneres is nervous about child hygiene

She admitted that she bathes dogs more often than children …

Mila Kunis (38) appeared in the show Ellen DeGeners, where the topic of hygiene was once again raised. All after the actress and her husband Ashton Kutcher confessed that “they only wash their children when dirt is visible on them.”

Kunis and Kutcher about their children, “We wash them when you can see dirt on them”

Mila Kunis on washing children

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who are the parents of Wyatt’s daughter and Dimitri’s son, sparked a heated discussion in overseas show business. Many famous people have expressed their opinion on hygiene.

When Ellen mentioned that “a lot of people talk about the couple’s comments,” the actress groaned and interjected, “It’s so stupid.”

Mila got very irritated. “We bathe our dogs. Does it make people happy? ” She asked. When Ellen asked for clarification as to whether the couple bathed their dogs more than their children, she replied, “Yes, yes.”

Ashton Kutcher ridiculed on live TV, “Take a shower!”

Kunis confessed that she just doesn’t always get on with all of her parental responsibilities. He has a planned bath for the kids every day, but then things don’t go as planned. “I wake up every day and say,” Today I will bathe my children. ” And then it’s bedtime and I forget to feed them.

Lizzo and Matthew McConaughey are more celebrities with strange hygiene habits

She also mocked the celebrities who started talking about their hygiene after confessing to her and Ashton. She congratulated Dwayne Johnson on his daily shower.

The Rock joined the discussion on personal care. What’s going on in this world?

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