Mila Kunis bathes her dogs more than her children!

The Internet has been in turmoil since one episode of the American podcast Armchair Expert featured actress Mila Kunis with her husband Ashton Kutcher and the topic of hygiene was touched upon.

How often do celebrities wash?

Kunis then said that “I don’t wash my body with soap every day”and Kutcher added that “I washes my armpits and crotch every day and nothing else”. However, the real scandal was when the couple was found to be cleaning their children: 6-year-old Wyatt and 4-year-old Dimitri only if they can see dirt on them. “Otherwise it doesn’t make sense” Kutcher said

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Celebrities and their extreme opinions about washing themselves

The debate about washing caused such a huge controversy that More celebrities began to join the topicby throwing in his three cents – Kristen Bell confessed in The View that “she is a big fan of waiting for the stench” on his children what he sees as “a biological signal that it’s time to clean it up”. Jake Gyllenhall revealed in Vanity Fair that “more and more often considers bathing unnecessary”. The voice of reason seemed to be Cardi B, who tweeted a message of objection, saying “What’s the matter with those people saying they don’t wash? The skin itches!”

Mila Kunis added oil to the fire againwhen she referred to her children’s hygiene on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and made a joke “we bathe our dogs, does this answer make people happy?”. When asked by DeGeneres whether Mila and Ashton wash their dogs more than children, the actress firmly confirmed – “it’s a fact”

“We don’t bathe our children and / or ourselves too often” Kunis continued. “I take a shower every day, but I don’t wash my hair every day – I don’t find it necessary. My intention is to bathe my children every day. I wake up every day and say: Today I will chase the kids to the shower “and then it’s bedtime and it turns out that I forgot to feed them”

The pandemic has affected our hygiene?

Contrary to appearances, what might seem like another stupid trend among celebrities has its roots in … the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent studies have shown that 17% of Britons take a shower less frequently than before the pandemic, and nearly 70% of Americans admitted intentionally not using deodorant in the last year because they didn’t plan to see other people.

Probably most of us will not admit it, but we also indulge in the topic of bathing when we do not have to go to work, go to a meeting with friends or go shopping. As they say “frequent washing shortens life”, and the pandemic has its own rules! One should only exercise moderation so that the neighbor does not complain about the strange stench in the stairwell.

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