Mila Kunis is the “terrible mom”? She described how she enjoyed the two-week rest

Mila Kunis spends the pandemic alongside her husband, Asthon Kutcher, and two children, Wyatt, six, and Dimitry, four. Although she loves boys very much, she was desperate for a two-week break from motherhood which allowed her to shoot an ad with her lover.

Mila Kuni about motherhood

The actress told about her short “getting away” from the kids on the “Ellen Show” where she jokingly said that she considered herself a terrible mom. The 37-year-old admitted that when she and Ashton were offered to participate in the advertisement, they were at a stage when the pandemic was taking their toll on them and they literally dreamed of leaving the house.

I took it as a two-week vacation. Thought we would just run away from the kids

Mila betrayed.

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She added that she loves her children very much, but when she is with them in the same house, it is hard for her to find even a moment for herself and during the lockdown she missed privacy.

The 37-year-old revealed that during her free time she got into watching the very popular series available on the Netflix platform – “Bridgertons”. As her husband showed no interest in the production, she watched him herself as he lay next to him and fell asleep. One evening, a startled Ashton woke up during one of the spicier scenes and was at first convinced that his wife had turned on an adult movie.

I was in the fifth episode somehow. Anyone who has seen it, you know what’s going on there. I fall asleep at 9:30 pm, literally collapse from exhaustion. It didn’t matter what happened on the screen then. Ashton fell asleep too. But he woke up at the height of episode five and suddenly asked, “Are you watching porn?”

– the actress recalls.

Mila Kunis’s husband admitted that he was surprised and completely confused when he suddenly woke up to this scene.

This is the mini porn she watched in the middle of the night. I didn’t know what was happening. At first, I wondered if there was anyone else in the bed. It was terrifying!

he interrupted, amused.

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