Mila Kunis once made many viewers fall in love with her. Today it is unrecognizable!

Mila Kunis
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American actress Mila Kunis, formerly fell in love with many viewers. No wonder, her beauty attracted like a magnet, and the snow-white smile knocked even women to their knees. What is a phenomenal actress doing today? Does he still act in movies? As it turns out, she has changed a lot, and the media does not write about her like that anymore.

Mila Kunis is an American film and television actress who is of Ukrainian origin. She used to fall in love with many viewers, and her film roles were loved by every viewer in the world. Mila Kunis is known especially from such films as It’s Just Sex, Black Swan or Bad Moms. The actress also starred as Jackie in the TV series The 70s and it was this role that brought her fame. During the casting, all candidates for the series had to be eighteen years old. Mila came to the audition at the age of fourteen and announced during her presentation that she would be eighteen on her eighteenth birthday. She was a little baffled by the directors, who later said that she was a perfect match for one of the protagonists.

Her acting career has gained considerable momentum. Mila Kunis played one of the lead characters alongside Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. Subsequently, viewers loved her for her role as Jamie in the adaptation of It’s Just Sex, as well as in other popular films. In 2015, the actress married Ashton Kutcher, with whom she has two children. What is Mila Kunis doing today? You will not believe – the actress is unrecognizable!

Mila Kunis – then and today

What is Mila Kunis doing today? What does it look like? How is she? These questions are asked by anyone who loves the American actress. Recently, the media has been quiet about her career in the film industry. The gossip portals focused particularly on her alleged divorce, which turned out to be false information. In 2019, in many photos taken by foreign paparazzi, you could see that Mila Kunis is in terrible shape. she lost a lot of weight, looked worried and was quite tired. Although a bit of hearing about her was lost, you can rest assured – the actress still plays in the movies. Ashton Kutcher’s wife in 2020 starred in Four Good Days as Molly and also in Breaking News in Yuba County as Nancy. In addition, in the same year, she starred in the TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm. In 2021, an advertisement for the Cheetos brand was released, starring Mila and Ashton. The actress has always sparkled, and what does she look like today? See for yourself how it has changed over the years.

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